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Go to High School and Learn to Fly!

Living Rock Academy in coordination with Anderson Aviation (located next door to LRA) teaches aircraft maintenance, flight school ground lessons, and flight lessons!

Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance:

Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance is a survey course to expose the students to the tools, vocabulary, and practice of aircraft maintenance. Whenever practical, the students will be given hands-on experience with tools and techniques discussed in the class. A variety of maintenance topics will be discussed at an introductory level. The hourly rate is $40. Upon course completion, the student will understand the basic tasks of an aircraft mechanic and the manual and mental skills involved in the career.


Flight School Ground Lessons:

Ground school will teach your student the knowledge of flying in a safe, structured environment. During this ground school class, your student will learn what is needed to complete the ground portion for their private pilot license. The rate is $40 per hour.


Flight Lessons:

For any student who is interested in starting flight lessons while enrolled in ground school, the rate is $40 per hour for the instructor and $110-$120 per hour for the aircraft. The lessons will be one on one with an instructor and not during the ground class time. (You do not have to complete ground school in order to start flying). Students can take lessons concurrently and the flying portion will take place on weekends, summer, holidays or after school, time permitting. Students must be sixteen years old to solo and seventeen years old to get their private license.