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Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball

Bobcat Athletics:

Living Rock Academy offers a variety of sports, including six-man football, volleyball, cheerleading, cross-country, basketball, baseball, tennis, and track and field.


A Message From Our Athletic Director:


Hello Bobcats, my name is Brock Kenyon.

In everything I do, I believe that God has a calling for your life, and to believe that calling is true, you truly need to have faith to follow that plan no matter where He calls you. I believe that in every fiber of my walk with Christ, God has brought me to Living Rock Academy to spread my passion for athletics and help every athlete love the game he or she plays. 


My passion for athletics is something that God has never taken away from me for a reason.  I am committed to building a positive faith-based athletic program with a culture of winning, and this will be achieved through hard work, determination, and preparation!  And, more importantly, being walking ambassadors of the works of the Holy Spirit. If we achieve these principles, I believe that our teams will be a positive representation of our school, community, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, while consistently competing for championships. I believe fully to develop a program that glorifies God. We compete by the power of God, according to the word of God, and for the glory of God.

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