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Living Rock Academy

2021-2022 Tuition and Fee Schedule


Inclusive Simplified Tuition and Fee Schedule

Tuition and the majority of fees and costs are consolidated into one all-inclusive tuition amount for each grade level. Making our tuition cost simplified helps our families better budget their tuition payments. 

Inclusive Simplified Tuition Includes:
Art, Cross Curricular Field Trips, Graduation, Secondary Camp and Senior Retreat, Secondary End of the Year Trip, *Senior Trip and Tuition.

  • *Senior Trip — A prorated portion will be required during the final Senior Year semester for students who have not been enrolled as a Living Rock Academy student for the full four-year high school experience beginning with the 2021-2022 school year. The class of 2022, 2023, and 2024 will have a required portion of the trip due by the final Senior Year semester to complete the trip costs. This amount will vary per student based on how long they have been attending LRA.

What It Does Not Include:
Items and expenses that are personal in nature will continue to be the financial responsibility of each family. These costs include but are not limited to advanced class fees, athletic fees, enrollment fees, extended care, karate program, lunch, SAT/ACT fees, school uniforms, R.O.C.K. program. iPads: Required for all secondary MS and HS students and MUST be provided by the parent.

PAYMENT OF TUITION AND FEES — FACTS Billing Account Management

Living Rock Academy uses FACTS to manage family billing. When enrolling/re-enrolling at LRA, a family will establish a FACTS billing account as part of the online enrollment process and choose between several payment plan options, monthly tuition due date choices, and payment methods. All families will enroll in automatic tuition payments to ensure on-time payments. Families will have several due date options. Non-tuition (“incidental”) charges will be due by the next monthly billing.

Payment of the full semester’s tuition becomes guaranteed to LRA when a student attends the first day of class in that semester. No grades, transcripts, or report cards will be issued or released if payments and fees are not current. Also, students that withdraw, are asked to withdraw, or are expelled from the school for any reason are still subject to the semester tuition obligation and must have their account completely paid off before any transcripts or records will be released.

Registration Fees and Discounts:

Registration/Application Fees (non-refundable, non-transferable):

  • $400.00 — Enrollment fee per student due upon acceptance
  • $250.00 — Enrollment fee for currently enrolled LRA students that re-enroll prior to the first day of open enrollment
  • $125.00 — Application & testing fee for 1st student; $75.00 for each additional student

Multi-Child Discounts

  • For families with three or more students, a 5% (on tuition only) family discount applies.

Military/First Responder Discounts

  • A 5% family military/first responder discount is given to students of parents who are either retired from or actively enlisted or commissioned in the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force or Coast Guard, or are/were a full-time EMT, firefighter, police, sheriff, or similar public servant.

Note: Only one discount may be applied for each family. Families that apply for and receive need-based financial aid do not qualify for any additional discounts.

Financial Aid:

A limited amount of financial aid may be available and is issued on a case-by-case, grade-by-grade, class-by-class basis. Financial aid is also determined on a yearly basis and can change dramatically from year-to-year based on fund availability. Families should never assume that the same amount of financial aid will be available from year-to-year. Applications for financial aid are handled through FACTS, a third-party assessment program.

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