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Student Dress Code

Uniform Dress Code

Through the Dress Code, LRA wants to convey the dignity of your student’s education. It is not the intention of LRA to diminish or suppress a student's personality. It is important the learning environment is not distracting to students. Additionally, a dress code and appropriate grooming is reinforced as a "life skill.” LRA has deliberately and thoughtfully created a uniform code that is simple, affordable, easy to follow and enforce. Simply put, students will need to dress appropriately for their future jobs, and learning to dress with guidelines helps students better prepare for their future. Contrary to what most students think, uniforms actually help develop individuality and personality. Freed from the shallow means of conforming to whatever is trendy, students can instead proclaim his/her presence through more meaningful methods of character, actions, reputation and speech.


The LRA uniform policy involves both the school and the home. It is the responsibility of the student to make proper choices which glorify Jesus Christ. It is the responsibility of the parents to help students make the right clothing decision. The teachers will enforce the dress code at LRA in a discreet and respectful manner. (Romans 12:2) 


If a variation to the LRA Dress Code causes a distraction or is disruptive to the educational environment of the school, the final determination will be made by the individual school principal. Please contact the school office if you have any questions. 

  • LRA monogrammed polo in Orange Spice, gray, black (secondary only) or white*
  • Denim blue jeans, gray, black or khaki pants or capris (must be modest fit, no holes, frays or ultra-low rise. No undergarments may be visible.)
  • Denim blue, gray, black, or khaki cargo, walking, or Bermuda-length shorts. No athletic or basketball-type shorts. Must be modest fit, no holes, frays, or ultra-low rise, with 7” inseam or longer. No undergarments may be visible.
  • Gray skort for girls**
  • LRA monogrammed polo dress in Orange Spice for elementary girls**
  • LRA monogrammed outerwear in black or gray* 
  • Shoes must be closed-toe and closed back.  No flip-flops, Crocs, sandals or light-up shoes.
  • Socks are required. No-show, ankle or crew socks only. Any solid school colors: black, gray, tan, white, orange. No neon colors. No socks with graphic designs, illustrations or wording allowed.
  • Only black or gray modesty shorts or leggings under skirts and dresses.
  • Orange LRA field trip t-shirt and jeans for field trips or specific service activities. 
  • If your daughter wears earrings, ONLY small studs are allowed for safety purposes.
  • No hats/baseball caps are allowed in the building during school hours.
* Required for all students and must be purchased through LRA’s official uniform provider.
** Is optional, however, if purchased must be purchased through LRA’s official uniform provider.

Friday Dress

  • Denim blue jeans, (Must be modest in fit, no holes, frays or ultra-low rise. No undergarments may be visible.)
  • LRA t-shirt (various options and can be purchased from the school.


  • Any hair coloring, including highlights, needs to be a natural color.
  • Boys — Hair may not touch the collar and hair in front must be above the eyes. 


  • Girls — No more than two ear piercings per ear. No spikes, chains, spacers or gauges. Only ear piercings are permitted.  Any other piercings need to be left at home and are not acceptable at any school function.
  • Boys — May not wear any piercings to school or to any other school function. 


PE Uniform for 2022-23 (5th-8th grade only)



  • Athletic shoes are required. 
  • Shirts: grey or orange shirt with LRA logo and/or school name
  • Shorts: black (athletic wear)
  • All jewelry must be removed.


  • Sweat Pants: black or grey with LRA logo or school name
  • Hoodies: black or grey with LRA logo or school name


Note: Items such as whistles, jingle bells, or multiple bracelets on one arm that cause excessive noise (clattering, clanking, hitting on the desk or table) will be considered a disruption in the classroom and not allowed.
Speckled Goat is the official uniform provider of Living Rock Academy. 

All uniform items marked by either * or ** must be ordered from Speckled Goat.  While there are options for other uniform items with our vendor, it is not required you purchase these options from Speckled Goat. Items not marked with * or ** may be purchased anywhere, as long as they meet uniform guidelines.