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Welcome to Living Rock Academy


Head of School Insight


Welcome to our School

Located in Downtown Bulverde, Texas

Thank you for visiting LRA’s Website. I hope it helps you understand our character— a school where Christ is present with us in our classrooms, on our athletic fields, and in each heart. Where imperfection is surrounded by grace. Where our vision for the future is one of hope and love. Where learning is aimed at wisdom. Where we are fearless in appreciating and teaching the bigness of God. Where we teach about the body of Christ, made of many churches and denominations founded on His gospel. Where every teacher prays for their students every day.

We are in our 6th year and growing. We are accredited, all our teachers certified. We have solid tech-based classrooms and curriculum. We offer online and traditional classroom environments. We concentrate on Spanish as a second language.

We offer a full array of sports: football, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, baseball, track and field, tennis, golf, and plan to offer soccer, softball, and possibly wrestling next year.

We offer aviation ground school and flight training as well as aviation mechanic training through an association with Andersen Aviation at the Bulverde airport right next door. Karate is part of our elementary and middle school PE program. Students can participate in E-sports activities. Other electives include sports marketing, fine arts, yearbook, photojournalism, creative writing, drama/theater, and praise/worship.

We have an active cross-curricular program that combines different study areas with hands-on field trips. We offer multiple overseas and domestic trip experiences.

We have weekly all-school chapels and all our lesson plans have Biblical components.

LRA walks the talk of service. Our Outreach program enables LRA High Schoolers to serve in their community weekly as part of a disciplined and broad-ranging program.

We are not elaborate. Or rich. Or big. We are not perfect. But we can surround your child in love and prayer and solid teaching. Come, visit, and feel the difference. 

Upcoming Events


March 2021
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
March 1, 2021 |08:00 AM -
HS Baseball
March 3, 2021 |04:30 PM -
HS Baseball
March 5, 2021 |04:30 PM -
March 8, 2021 |08:00 AM -
HS Baseball
March 9, 2021 |06:00 PM -

LRA vs. St. Paul

MS Cross Curricular Trip to iFly
March 10, 2021

Our middle school students have the opportunity to participate in an exciting field trip. They will be traveling to iFly San Antonio for STEM-related activities. The students will learn about the p...

Secondary Camp at T-Bar-M
March 11, 2021 |08:00 AM - 06:00 PM -

Secondary Camp at T-Bar-M
March 12, 2021 |08:00 AM - 06:00 PM -

Spring Break
March 15, 2021
HS Baseball
March 15, 2021 |07:00 PM -

vs. St. John Paul

Spring Break
March 16, 2021
Spring Break
March 17, 2021
HS Baseball
March 17, 2021 |06:00 PM -

LRA vs The School of Winston SA

Spring Break
March 18, 2021
Spring Break
March 19, 2021
Cancelled: HS Baseball
March 19, 2021 |06:00 PM -

LRA vs. Brooks Collegiate Academy

MS Track Meet
March 20, 2021

Castle Hills Meet 1

HS Track Meet
March 20, 2021

Castle Hills Track Meet

March 22, 2021 |08:00 AM -
HS Baseball
March 23, 2021 |06:00 PM -


HS Track Meet
March 24, 2021

2021 SMH Tri-Team Track & Field Meet

MS Outreach
March 24, 2021 |01:00 PM - 03:30 PM -
HS Outreach
March 26, 2021 |09:35 AM - 12:05 AM -
HS Baseball
March 26, 2021 |04:30 PM -
March 29, 2021 |08:00 AM -
HS Baseball
March 29, 2021 |06:00 PM -

LRA vs. Sacred Heart