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After-school care is for LRA enrolled children whose parents work beyond the regular school hours. This service is available on a daily or occasional basis and is available for students in Pre-K through 5th grade. No After-School Care is provided for students on early dismissal days or school holidays.



$75.00- One Time Snack/Registration Fee

  • Prepackaged snack will be provided
  • Student must bring their own water bottle

$10.00- Hourly Rate



If your child is not picked up by 3:20 pm, they will be sent to the after-school care room. After-school care is provided from 3:20pm-6:00pm. Children that are not picked up on time (before 6:00) will incur a $20 fee that will be charged to your account. No one will be allowed to pick up your child except those persons listed on your pick-up list on ParentsWeb. Please keep your list updated.


COVID-19 Response

Living Rock Academy has increased after-school care staff to uphold and respond to the current CDC, TEA Guidelines for COVID. This includes:

  • Smaller teacher/student ratio
  • Provide pre-packaged snack
  • More staff to clean and sanitize

Face Masks

Students 10 years of age and older will wear masks in the hallway, common aread, and when social distancing can not be achieved in the classroom. Students will NOT be required to wear a mask while playing outside. Students under the age of 10 may wear a face mask if parents or guardians determine that it is developmentally appropriate for them to do so upon entry into the after-school care classroom.

Daily Protocol

  • Students will use hand sanitizer before entering and exiting the classroom and before/after using the restroom.
  • Students will line up in the hallway, maintaining social distance with a face covering.
  • Students will bring their own water bottle.
  • Students can work on their homework if they have any. If weather permits after-school care, students and staff will go outside.
  • Students will split into groups of 5 or less and placed in different classrooms with an after-school care teacher and helper in each group.
  • Each day, all rooms used during after-school care will be sanitized and cleaned after use.


Parents will contact the after-school care staff by texting their name and the child/children's name(s) they are picking up to 210-577-4894. Please wear a face covering when entering the main foyer of the building. An after-school care staff will bring your child to the foyer. Parents must show theur ID or their Cub Cards until after-care staff and parents become familiar with each other. If someone other than the parent picks up the student, they must be on the FACTS pick-up list and show ID.

Summer Hours