School Update During COVID-19

May 11, 2020

Dear LRA Family,

This is a hard way to enter our last two weeks of school. Socially separated due to a world-wide pandemic and in prayer for one of our families dealing with a serious injury. We feel helpless and speechless, except in prayer. But we can be confident knowing the Holy Spirit hears and perfects our prayer in ways we can’t even comprehend. Prayer will keep us bound together better than the internet or Zoom or any Google app. Pray hard, LRA.

Meanwhile, we need to keep on about the business of LRA. Please accept my thanks to all of you for dealing gracefully with this socially separated online semester. It took teachers, parents, and students working together to make it happen, and we are grateful to all of you.

And before the rush of semester-end begins, please let me outline some things to look for this summer and new offerings and programs being implemented in the fall:

 Over the Summer:

  • Summer tutorials. Some students, for whatever reasons like transition or online difficulties, need a bit of a boost to be ready for the next grade level. Our elementary teachers are kindly offering free tutorials for students entering 2nd through 6th grades.

  • Summer Outreach: Hanni Stautzenberger hopes to offer outreach opportunities once separation restrictions are lifted. This will be a great way to get out and get re-engaged with the community.

  • Summer Camps: If restrictions lift, there are several camps scheduled on campus for the end of June and throughout July. Invite guests and friends! It’s a great way to show them LRA! We are planning for the following camps: MS/HS TAC (Training and Conditioning) and volleyball; for Elementary and MS students: karate, basketball, dance, art, music, STEM, and a theme-based cross-curricular camp will be offered.

  • Education Building. Our classroom building will be getting a new roof, new paint, new bathrooms, and upgraded classrooms. Please refer to email last week or email Phil Stanley at to volunteer.

  • The arrival of our new Head Of School!

  • The arrival of a new, full-time Athletic Director charged with lifting LRA to the next level in sports offerings, quality, and competitiveness!

  • A new RenWeb based website – more responsive and easy to update

  • The State just released guidelines for HS Graduation ceremonies. June 5th at 7:00 pm is our date and time. Location and other details are being worked on and will be sent out as soon as they are finalized.

New for next Fall:

  • Revived Aviation ground and flight school offerings

  • EMT elective

  • Improved PE program at all levels

  • Karate as part of PE for elementary. An optional self-defense program that can lead to a black belt by fifth grade

  • An all-Spanish language emphasis primary through secondary

  • Ten-point grade scale will replace the seven point scale.

  • Practice fields on campus for all sports (except tennis and golf)…IHOS proposal for land purchase and 18-hole golf course was denied by the BOD 😉

  • Educational coaching program for all faculty

  • A ROCK elective that provides educational accommodations for students with certain learning challenges.

April 29, 2020

Dear LRA Family,

We’re in our 6th (can you believe it ?!) week of online operations. Not only was this something we never expected, but we found ourselves more prepared than we thought. We realize none of this would be possible without our awesome, engaged parents who are committed to their children’s education and spirituality. We also acknowledge our flexible and intelligent students, motivated and loving teachers, and a technology curriculum base that allowed for a smooth transition. 

We have found in open forums with other schools that we’ve done better than most…not to boast…well, just a little. At the same time, our transition has not been perfect, but we are striving to strengthen our process and meet the needs of our families, so please continue to engage us with ideas and feedback. 

I appreciate your willingness to adjust to our changes and schedule uncertainties week by week. The Governor’s decision to close all public and private schools for the year gave us some clarity, as well as some complications. Most of the complications and disappointments regard our senior class who face an uncertain graduation format, a canceled prom, aren’t able to walk the hall like they own it and enjoy each other’s company before they head their separate ways. Please take some time to send any seniors you know, or don’t know, a note-passing your thoughts and prayers and congratulations.

Please see the following schedule/event items:

  • May 1st/Pick-up/Drop-off—Please see the email sent out on April 28.
  • We will have an additional drop off day for textbooks on May 20.  
  • Prom for this school year is canceled, but alternative dates/venues are being considered.
  • LRA Chapel each Tuesday at 8:30 am. A link will be sent every Monday for you to use to log in to Chapel.
  • Graduation is complicated. We are doing our best to offer a format that meets distancing requirements to ensure that our students and their families’ are protected.    
  • We are working on plans for this summer (Camps) and the next academic year. We are very excited about them! Please keep an eye out for an email next week.

We are in the middle of open enrollment for next year, so please help us spread the word about Living Rock Academy. Last week an email was sent about our Refer a Friend Program! This program is a great way to grow our school and help you with your tuition cost at the same time! 

Peace in Christ,
Glen Shaffer

April 17, 2020

April 9, 2020

Dear LRA Family,

Thank you for your continued diligence and patience, and prayers.

Just a Few Short Items This Week:

  • Please be on the lookout for a second survey seeking your feedback on how our online program is working.
  • This Monday, April 13, will be a regular school day, not a day off as the calendar shows. We’re doing this to help make up for lost classroom days and in recognition that everyone is pretty much stuck in place. If this does create a hardship for you, please let your teachers know.
  • As you know, the most important day of our year happens this Sunday.  Christ’s resurrection makes everything different for us, no matter what the times are like. You know that. As a family, we know that. Let’s keep each other in prayer. Let’s take some moments to close our eyes and remember each other, remember being together on that campus we all miss. But mostly, let’s keep our eyes on Jesus.

Peace in Christ,
Glen Shaffer Interim HOS


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