The excitement could not be contained when the new LRA bus rolled on campus. Class after class had to explore the inside and try out the seats. Shiloh, a 5th grade student came back in the school with wide eyes and a smile from ear to ear.

Shiloh said, “You can change the lights in the middle and the seats are really cool.”

Secondary students were equally excited:

“I feel the bus is going to offer more opportunity for adventure and travel. It brings a whole new school spirit to LRA.”
“The new van establishes how official we are. We love how it promotes our school going to and coming home from athletic events.”
“Seats are so comfy. We will do so much better in sports now that we will ride in comfort. LED lighting, AC, huge upgrade.

“I am sooo excited about the new LRA van.”
“The paint scheme is so cool. Inside is so clean. Thank you to whoever purchased this van for our school.”
Come take a look at the new LRA van. Step up inside and feel the school spirit that the kids felt.