STEM Endorsement Correction

Oops! Before we get into the Multidisciplinary Studies graduation endorsement today, I need to make a correction to last week’s blog post on STEM endorsement. Through a very long discussion with the Curriculum Standards and Student Support Division of TEA, I realized I had placed a couple classes in the wrong endorsement. Aviation Training, through a partnership with Anderson Aviation Flight School,  and Robotics do belong in STEM; however, taking those classes at LRA would allow a student to earn the STEM Endorsement in Career Technical Education (CTE) not in “other STEM option” category. The “other STEM option” category includes engineering, Mobile Application Development, Game Programming, etc., which LRA does not offer at this time. Be sure to consult your 2018-2019 Student/Parent Handbook in August for all endorsement information.

Multidisciplinary Studies Graduation Endorsement


Now . . . onto today’s post on the Multidisciplinary Studies Endorsement. If a school offers only one endorsement, it has to be this one. According to TEA, the Multidisciplinary Studies Endorsement can be earned through three options: Foundation Subjects, Advanced Coursework, and Advanced Placement/Dual Enrollment. LRA offers two of these options.
Foundation Courses: Four credits of each foundation subject area to include four English, science, math and social studies (required of all LRA graduates)
Dual Enrollment: Four College Credit courses (in addition to Foundation Courses)

NOTE: LRA does not offer Advanced Coursework option: Four electives, in addition to Foundation Courses, that prepare a student to enter the workforce successfully without remediation, such as, Floral Design, Landscaping Design, Web mastering, Digital Video, etc.)

Tune in Next Week!

Next week, we will take a look at the Arts and Humanities Endorsement. Until then, invite your friends to take a tour of Living Rock Academy. Remember: the school office will be closed the week of July 4th, so bring your friends in for a tour this week.


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