Middle School’s cross-curricular studies began with Mrs. Hasselbauch teaching a class on the era of the industrial revolution. The students also studied in class how an assembly line worked. After the Toyota Manufacturing Plant tour, the students traveled to the Medina River Natural Area where they used their knowledge of the assembly line. They had to determine how best to set up their assembly line in order to optimize efficiency. Then they calculated their production rate and how long it would take to manufacture 50 paper butterflies and then compare that to how long it actually took. They graphed their data and discussed how their production rate affected quality. But it wasn’t all work. After a picnic lunch, the Middle School students hiked and played in the river to release the “stress” of the industrial revolution. Thanks to LRA teachers Mrs. Hasselbauch, Mrs. Hawkins, and Mrs. Stautzenberger to, once again, make education come alive for our students.

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