Friday, LRA’s high school Cross Curricular class toured the ancient civilizations art exhibit at the San Antonio Art Museum. The students’ prior study in class included mythological studies through research and performances. Each grade level worked on a different project. The freshman class learned about Greek pottery. Sophomores researched Roman mosaics in order to create their artwork. The juniors made Roman-style busts, while the seniors studied the technique called Batik, which is an art process on muslin fabric.¬†Each project centered around a certain mythological story each group had to research and act out for the other classes.

Christian School San AntonioChristian School San Antonio

Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Swierc, and Art teacher, Mrs. Raposo, worked across the curriculum to help the students in their active learning before their visit to the museum. Once again, LRA teachers know how to keep learning active and real for our students.

Christian School San Antonio

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