STEM education is a hot subject in schools today. At LRA, we endeavor to offer the academics that our students will need for future success. Today starts a series of five posts regarding graduation endorsements at LRA. Though not required to do so, Living Rock Academy strives to adhere to TEA mandates as closely as possible.



In December 2013, Austin passed HB 5. This bill replaced the previous four graduation programs: Foundation HS Program (FHSP), Minimum HS Program (MHSP), Recommended HS Program (RHSP), and the Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP). Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, all incoming freshmen will graduate with the Foundation High School Program and the opportunity for one or more endorsements.


Endorsements consist of a related series of courses grouped together by skill set. They allow students to delve into the specific subject area that meets their interest. Public school districts and charter schools are not required to offer all endorsements (of course, private schools are not required to offer any at all). Students may not attain more than two endorsements.


In August of 2015, LRA opened its doors with the intention of all students graduating with the Multi-Disciplinary diploma as a minimum. (Watch for posting about this endorsement next Monday.) Today, we will look at the STEM Endorsement offered at LRA. STEM endorsement is achieved through advanced Science, Mathematics, CTE (Career Technical Education), Computer Science or other STEM Options. Small schools cannot offer all the courses that public schools can. However, LRA offers the STEM  endorsement through three of these options: Mathematics, Science and other STEM options. To achieve the STEM endorsement through:

  • Mathematics option:  Students must take Algebra 2, pre-Calculus, and Calculus
  • Science option: Student must take Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy, and one otheradvanced Science
  • Other STEM option: Student must take: Algebra II, Chemistry, and Physics, and two credits of Aviation Training or Robotics

Exciting things are happening at Living Rock Academy. We are glad you are a part of our school’s story, and we encourage you to invite others to join you on this journey.

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