Living Rock Academy is passionately dedicated to its mission of educating young men and women in the Texas Hill Country. However, this endeavor is one that cannot be enhanced upon without the prayers and support of the friends, families, or indeed, the larger LRA community. Therefore, LRA invites you to join our Legacy Fund to help underwrite operating expenses.

Where does the money go?

We pride ourselves in the expertise and the quality of our faculty and staff. Our instructors bring a wealth of experience and professionalism to the students entrusted to their care. It is necessary to have these teachers to present the technologically-integrated curriculum with Christian faith formation that allows the students to be prepared for college and beyond. Each year we must raise funds to provide the excellent academic program for which LRA is known. This is a massive endeavor that cannot be accomplished by tuition and grant requests alone.

Each year we ask our parents and the public to help us “fill the gap.” The gap is the difference between tuition and the cost to educate one student. Raising this difference is vital to fulfilling the mission of Living Rock Academy.

To make a donation online click on the Donate button below.