img_0168One of our parents sent this link to me today and thought our other parents might enjoy it. Are you practicing “good parenting” or “bad parenting”? From a teacher’s and/or principal’s viewpoint, numbers 7 and 8 need to be questioned. Read some of the feedback below this blog for more insight from other parents and teachers. At LRA, we value parent interaction with student studies and with contact with teachers. However, good parenting comes in when a parent knows when to let the student take the front seat and then the parent is there to back him/her up. It reminds me of when I taught my children how to drive. I didn’t send them off on their own behind the steering wheel on the first day. Mom sat in the co-pilot seat for many, many rides with white knuckles and the feeling of gray hair sprouting on the top of my head. Giving our children the responsibility to “respectfully” question¬†the grading of a test or assignment with their teacher is one of the first steps to becoming a mature college student when mom or dad won’t be around. All-in-all, it’s a good article with lots of food for thought.

 8 Things Kids Need to do by Themselves