Students bring their own sack lunches on Monday and Friday. Please provide lunches that need neither refrigeration nor microwaves.

Parents can order and pay for Jason’s Deli (Tuesday) or Chick-fil-A (Wednesday) through RenWeb by Sunday for delivery on appropriate day offered. Orders may be made by the week or by the month. Pizza is offered on Thursdays for $5.00.

Directions for ordering Jason’s Deli or Chick-fil-A:

When ordering lunch, you must click “verify payment” and “click pay” to complete the payment process. “Verify payment” and “Click pay” are on two different screens. If you do not receive an email immediately after payment, your lunch was not ordered, and you will need to go back and click the “pay” button.

Eventually, LRA plans to out-source lunches for Mondays from another local vendor. Lunch calendars which outline the vendors and the cost per meal are available for you to access through RenWeb. Lunch orders need to be into Renweb before your child’s first period class.

Lunch accounts must be in a prepaid status or we will not be able to order lunch for your child. In other words, all lunch accounts must have a credit on them before your child will be allowed to order lunch. You may pay with a check, cash, or credit card.

Participation in this program is not mandatory. Students are allowed to bring their own lunch.