At Living Rock Academy, we believe that all truth is God’s truth and our teachers demonstrate a high commitment to integrating faith and learning as a primary instructional practice in the classroom. Spiritual life at LRA involves the classroom, the playing field, the extra-curricular activities and the hallways. Core to our mission is to help students know there is a God who loves them and invites them into a personal relationship through Christ. Bible classes, prayer, worship, weekly chapels, memory verses and developing Christian character are integral parts of our school curriculum and campus life. Children need a biblical compass to navigate through their youth culture. They need a foundation of knowledge to discern right from wrong. Students need to be able to think critically, to think biblically and to be prepared to defend their worldview in all arenas.

At LRA, we want students to know that being a disciple of Jesus means not only following him in word, but also in deed. We are committed to helping students develop an active faith that serves others through our Community Outreach program. This program begins in elementary with age appropriate ways to make a difference in their world and grows into an integral part of our school’s high school curriculum with weekly service opportunities. Our goal is to foster within our students, a desire to embrace the compassion of Christ and instill the habits of service throughout their lives.