In preparation for their trip to Washington, D.C., Mrs. Swierc’s Art Appreciation class studied the buildings, art, and architecture of that city. During their study of the Smithsonian Institution, they explored its history, the various museums within the Institution, and what they have to offer. Then the students were assigned to create an LRA Cultural Museum focused on 2017. Students divided into five groups: fashion, entertainment, music, sports and art. Each group brought at least ten items that were representative of the year 2017 and presented to the rest of the class.

The sports group brought a helmet and discussed the implications of NFL players not standing up for the national anthem. The clothing of today was presented by the fashion group along with various pieces. The entertainment group brought vinyl albums and described the resurgence of LP records. Aaron El-Kadi brought a new guitar that just came out and talked about the Grammy award winner.

The class will travel to our national capitol over Spring Break and be able to see what they have studied since August. Once again, another LRA teacher who knows how to keep learning real and active for our students.

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