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School starts at 8:00 am, Elementary gets out between 3:05-3:20 pm and Secondary gets out between 3:30-3:45 pm.

The earliest they can arrive is 7:35 AM

PreK and Kindergarten 12

1st-5th 14

6th-12th 16


Yes, please see our dress code from our parent/student handbook

 Yes, from 3:20  PM - 6:00 PM, it follows the school calendar. and is available to LRA  Enrolled PRE-K - 5th Grade.

$75 Registration fee / $10 per hour- see our "Resources" tab for more details.

We do not however we often have fun summer camps with varying interests styles, please check our website for current camps

From our Website. The calendar is a google calendar.  Everything LRA will be on this calendar including athletic games, times and addresses. 

Cross Country, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Tennis, Golf & Bobcat Belles!

School: Facebook, Instagram (Follow, Like and Share!)

Athletic: Twitter @lrabobcats


We are a Christian school. Our student body and community is made up of many denominational backgrounds!

Yes- chapel is every Monday and students attend Bible classes throughout the week.

We believe that Christ is at the center of every subject (math, science, English, history, etc.) and that to fully understand these subjects, God and Christ must be present. Our goal is to help parents grow well-rounded children that will become leaders and Christ-followers in all aspects of their lives. Through biblical application, Christian undertones, spiritual mentors, and a Christ-centered culture, students are learning in a Christian environment while developing their own personal worldview. One that we hope is forever impacted by the love of Christ.

Please see the tuition and fees information, here!

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