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Dear Prospective Parents:

These are challenging times, and parents face difficult decisions about where their children need to learn. At Living Rock Academy, we give your child an excellent education in whatever format you chose, on-line or in-class with the option to change as conditions change. We are fully accredited, staffed with outstanding teachers, and offering unique and rewarding studies, outreach service opportunities, cross-curricular experiences, and a full range of athletics. But most of all, we place Jesus at the center of all we do, and wouldn’t you rather have your child in that environment, especially in times like these?

Please contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.
In Christ, Glen Shaffer
Interim Head of School


Grade LevelGrade12  Monthly Payments1 Yearly Payment
Lower ElementaryPreK-2nd$609.00$7308.00
Upper Elementary3rd-5th$630.00$7560.00
Middle School6th-8th$651.00$7812.00
High School9th-12th$672.00$8064.00


The first tuition payment is due July 10th. Monthly payments after that are due by the 10th of each month. Families may pay by cash or check through the tuition office or with bank draft or credit card through RenWeb. RenWeb does not accept VISA. LRA will assess an administration fee to those who choose to use a credit card for payments. Payments not received by 4:00 p.m. on the 10th day of the month due will result in a $50.00 late charge added to the account. If an account is past due 30 days, a student may not be allowed to attend school or participate in extracurricular activities until the account is current.

Payment of the full semester’s tuition becomes guaranteed to LRA when a student attends the first day of class in that semester. No grades, transcripts or report cards will be issued or released if payments and fees are not current. Also, students that withdraw, are asked to withdraw, or are expelled from the school for any reason are still subject to the semester tuition obligation and must have their account completely paid off before any transcripts or records will be released.


Registration/Application Fees (non-refundable, non-transferable)

$300.00 – Enrollment fee per student due upon acceptance.
$200.00 – Enrollment fee for currently enrolled LRA students that re-enroll prior to the first day of open enrollment.
$125.00 – Application & testing fee for 1st student; $75.00 for each additional student

Multi-Child Discounts

For families with three or more students, a 5% (on tuition only) family discount applies.

Military/First Responder Discounts

A 5% family military/first responder discount is given to students of parents who are either retired from or actively enlisted or commissioned in the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force or Coast Guard, or are/were a full-time EMT, firefighter, police, sheriff, or similar public servant.

Note: Only one discount may be applied for each family. Families that apply for and receive need-based financial aid do not qualify for any additional discounts.


LRA strives to list all fees you will be charged throughout the year; however, please note that at times additional unforeseen fees may be added to this list. Parents will receive notice of extra charges prior to applying to account.

Field Trip/Cross-Curricular Fee:  Hands-on learning opportunities are an essential component of our learning program here at LRA. All of our classes have numerous opportunities throughout the year to experience learning outside of our campus in various ways. To cover the expense of these trips each student is charged a fee at the beginning of each semester to cover the costs of all regularly scheduled cross-curricular field trips. This charge will be shown on the first statement of each semester.

Elementary               $75.00 per semester

Middle School        $125.00 per semester

High School             $175.00 per semester

End-of-Year Cross-Curricular Fee: (HS only) A $250.00 fee is billed to each child’s account to cover the costs of our end-of-the-year cross-curricular field trip. Information and details regarding these trips will be communicated to families prior to their accounts being billed.

Art: (All grades) A $25.00 fee is charged to each student taking an art class. This fee will be billed to each student’s account at the beginning of each semester.

MS/HS Camp Fee: (MS and HS) A $150.00 fee is billed to each child’s account to cover the costs associated with MS/ HS camp. This fee will be charged at the time of the camp in the fall semester. Additional information regarding the camp will be communicated to families prior to that event.

Senior Camp Fee: (Seniors only) A $200.00 fee is billed to each senior’s account to cover the costs associated with senior camp. This fee will be charged at the time of the camp in the fall semester. Additional information regarding the camp will be communicated to families prior to that event. This is the only fee charged to seniors for camp, as they are not charged the MS/HS camp fee.

Graduation Fee: (Seniors only) A $150.00 fee is billed to each senior’s account to cover the costs associated with senior graduation. This fee will be charged in the billing cycle immediately prior to the date of senior graduation. This fee covers not only the cost of the event itself, but also the cost of each senior’s cap, gown, tassel, and diploma.

Advanced Class Fee: Classes such as 4-H, Flight Training, Art Appreciation, and others may be assessed a fee. These fees will be set and communicated to families prior to the beginning of such class or program.

Athletic Fee: $100.00 – $250.00 depending on sport. Fees will be billed once the student begins the season. iPads: Required for all secondary MS and HS students and MUST be provided by the parent.

Senior Trip Fee: All HS students will have a senior trip fee of $25.00 added to their account each month (starting freshman year) to go toward the transportation, housing and meal cost of their senior trip. The fee is refundable for any student who transfers out of LRA in good standing prior to the start of their senior year. Students enrolling at LRA after their freshman year will have to pay any remaining balance prior to the trip. The students must pay for any additional selected activities while on the trip.


A limited amount of financial aid may be available and is issued on a case-by-case, grade-by-grade, class-by-class basis. Financial aid is also determined on a yearly basis and can change dramatically from year-to-year based on fund availability. Families should never assume that the same amount of financial aid will be available from year-to-year.

Applications for financial aid are handled through FACTS, a third-party assessment program.


This pledge allows our individual families the opportunity to make a voluntary pledge for an additional amount applied to their tuition plan for next year. Whether you pay monthly, by semester, or for the whole year at one time, you can pledge to add either a set amount or a certain percentage to each payment. There are major benefits to both the school and our families for taking this approach:

  1. For our families, it means 100% of the pledge amount (amount beyond tuition) is a donation to the Legacy Fund and is tax-deductible.
  2. For the school, this means a more consistent revenue source which helps greatly in budgeting.

Families who are able to help in this manner can make their pledge commitment selection in their re-enrollment packet.