Teachers model their own passion for learning through participating in on-going staff development, mastering best practices and incorporating advanced technology. The online material, textbooks, and instructional materials vary by grade level. Each grade level and subject area is reviewed for curriculum that will best support our students’ learning and will work together from kindergarten through twelfth grade and leads them to success.


  • 6th – 8th grade       Summit Ministries


  • 6th Math    McGrawHill Education  digital
  • 7th Math/pre-Algebra    McGrawHill Education  digital
  • 8th pre-Algebra/Algebra 1   McGrawHill Education  digital


  • 6th and 7th grade   Bob Jones University Press  digital

Social Studies

  • 6th and 8th grade  Bob Jones University Press digital
  • 7th Texas History    McGraw-Hill Education digital

Middle School Literature/Vocabulary

  • Bob Jones University Press digital

Middle School Grammar/Writing

  • Bob Jones University Press