We recognize and welcome the ability the 4-H program has to empower young people to lead for a lifetime. 4-H has programs in science, healthy living and citizenship that are backed by a network of 100 public universities and a robust community of 4‑H volunteers and professionals. Through hands-on learning, kids build not only confidence, creativity and curiosity, but also life skills such as leadership and resiliency to help them thrive today and tomorrow. 4‑H programs are grounded in the belief that kids learn best by doing.

High School students participate in robotics, rocketry, archery, and hippology, the study of horses. Each semester the teacher chooses the subjects of focus.

IMG_2523 (1)Aviation Training (through Anderson Aviation School)

(Picture to left: Aaron: Our first pilot)

LRA has teamed up with Anderson Aviation to offer a classroom elective for High Schoolers interested in learning more about flight, have a love of airplanes, seek to earn their pilot’s license during High School, or are interested pursuing a career in aviation. Topics such as flight theories, aerodynamics, navigation, radio communication, meteorology, and mechanics will be covered. This elective is not offered as part of the LRA curriculum, and does, therefore, have an additional cost payable to Anderson Aviation. Visit Anderson Aviation’s website to learn more about their company. http://www.andersonaviationtx.com/

Praise Team

Students gifted and talented in Music, both vocally and instrumentally, may try-out and participate in the Praise Team. Each week during all-school Chapel the Praise Team leads the student body in worship.


Each year, LRA publishes an all school yearbook. This elective provides students the opportunity to learn more about photojournalism, photography and graphic design. As an elective, students are asked to participate in LRA events from behind the lens of the camera or journalism pad. This class emphasizes teamwork, where students are expected to work collaboratively, learning the process of publishing a yearbook and advertising with accuracy, effective photography, design layout, fair and equal student representation, successful advertising, professional communication skills and time management. Adobe In-Design program is utilized to create and design the yearbook. Students also learn important advertising techniques to help promote yearbook sponsorship and sales.

Theater Tech

A theater introductory survey course designed for students interested in fulfilling their Fine Arts credit. In this course, we examine Theater History, Set Design and Construction, Stage Lighting, Costume Design, Marketing, and Theater Safety. Students in this class are part of the year end theater performance.

Visual/Theater ArtsIMG_0251

In this course students will examine Acting, Movement, Voice and Diction, Playwriting, Film, Shakespeare, and Theater Literature. Students in this course participate in a year end theater performance.

Internship/Juniors and seniors only

Students choose a company with whom they and LRA can partner with to give the student a first-hand view of the working world while earning elective credit.

italyArt Appreciation/International Studies

(Picture to left: Italy 2017)

Through lectures, readings, gallery visits, and hands-on activities, students will:

  • survey the visual arts of painting, sculpture, architecture, and the principles of design
  • develop an understanding of the history and art of both past and present world cultures
  • observe, identify, comprehend, and evaluate various forms and styles of art
  • learn art vocabulary terms
  • learn elements of art
  • gain an understanding of design, movement, balance, pattern, unity, and emphasis
  • have an opportunity apply what they have learned in this class if they participate in the trip to Italy or Europe

SAT/ACT Test Prep

Standardized college entrance tests are not IQ tests nor do they test what a student has learned during their high school years. Every student can benefit from increased test scores. This course focuses on teaching question patterns, how to identify the patterns, and students practice and memorize test strategies.

Applied Art

This course is designed as a beginning art class for students wishing to pursue upper level art courses as well as for those who wish to satisfy their Fine Arts requirements for graduation. In the first semester, students will develop skills in drawing from observation and 2-dimensional design using a variety of art materials and tools. In the second semester, students will apply their drawing and design skills in painting, printmaking and at least one 3-dimensional process. Students will also develop an appreciation for artwork of the past and present through classroom readings and writing assignments.


Foreign Language Lab offering 3 languages through Pearson Connexus

  • Spanish
  • German
  • French